1stOctober Shack Today’s Shack meeting was best attended than another since I joined ARSK. This was mainly due to the recent developments at the shack. The home-less guy that we chased from living behind the shack wrecked havoc on the shack. He smashed the windows, destroyed the supports that hold the veranda’s roofing which eventually came crashing down. There were signs of attempted forced entry from the rear door but once again the bees deterred him.

The caretaker found the guy doing the damage but kept a distance as the guy was armed with a machete but soon took of when more people arrived. He once again broke the water pipe letting water spill the whole night. By morning the area was almost looking like a pond.

During the meeting the following were discussed:

  • Radio Shack Security - A local guard will be hired to watch over the Shack as we find a permanent solution
  • Reparing Broken windows would start as soon as we get a local guard so that the homeless guy does not return.
  • Noise - Recent developments around the Shack are making it less ‘electrically silent’ The neighbors are building a 4 storey apartment which will interfere with the signal propagation.
  • There would be a special meeting to deliberate on whether to sell the land on which the shack sits.

I hope to get my call sign by the next shack meeting :-) Images of The Shack today morning.

1stOctober Shack 1stOctober Shack 1stOctober Shack 1stOctober Shack 1stOctober Shack

Next meeting scheduled on 5th November 2016