Today was my first time to attend a shack meeting and generally it was very informative. The meeting was at the 5Z4RS Station Beacon in Woodley Estate,Nairobi. This location is referred to as the Shack. On my way I was wondering who and what type of people I would find. The meeting was scheduled to start at 10.00AM. On arrival I found Mr.Ted Alleyne together with another gentle man doing some preparations. Inside the room which stood on the side of the small piece of land, was like entering into a Museum. Wall hangings of old and great awards together with electronics reminded me that this has been running for a long time. The outside was totally opposite of the inside. At the center of the room was a table with magazines and meeting documents. The gentlemen were very kind and we talked for a long time.

After the introductions, we got down to the stuff. Mr Ted took me through the registration process and after filling in the forms, paying a fee of Ksh.250, he continued to give me a brief of how the Radio Society of Kenya came to be. Other members started coming in one by one and after some brief introductions the meeting started.

New Members Registration

Today I got registered as a student member and all agreed, so thank you :-)


The Novice and Professional exams will be held in May and December respectively. I will start with the Novice and then go pro by December.

Shack Fence Repair

Apparently there are some intrusions in the shack’s fence. The hole is enough for a person to move with ease. However to fix this we have to get a permission from the County Council of Nairobi.Same for the Acacia tree that is bending to much and seems like it will fall one day.


Members were looking into the idea of allowing a business premise to run on the shacks compound so that the rent fee will be used to pay the land rates and keep the place tidy.