The following is a list of applictions that I use in a Chinese environment which I think might be useful to my readers.

Document Processing

WPS Office Linux

yay -S wps-office


  • MuPDF is Very fast EPUB, FictionBook, PDF, XPS and Comicbook viewer written in portable C. Features CJK font support.
  • Okular — Universal document viewer for KDE. Supports CHM, Comicbook, DjVu, DVI, EPUB, FictionBook, Mobipocket, ODT, PDF, Plucker, PostScript, TIFF and XPS.
  • Zathura — Highly customizable and functional document viewer (plugin based). Supports PDF, DjVu, PostScript and Comicbook.
sudo pacman -S okular mudpf zathura mupdf-tools

This page gives alot of info about manulilation of PDFs, which is a good read.



  • Xfce4 Screenshooter — Application and Xfce4 panel plugin to take screenshots about the entire screen, the active window or a selected region. Part of xfce4-goodies. xfce4-screenshoter
sudo pacman -S xfce4-screenshooter