Final Image

I go to BSF on Monday evenings to Westlands St Marks Church and the drive there with my friends provides a good chance to collect some data for my self driving car programme. My data collection device is still my mobile phone mounted on the dashboard. I have explained how to do this in my previous post.

Yesterday’s run was like normal but over the last 3 weeks, my videos have been appearing with some darkness which is as a result from the mounting angle facing the road. From my initial calculations, driving to town to Westlands is driving facing the setting sun, that is West direction which means a good amount of the time the camera is facing the sun which is not good. This has resulted in the camera becoming very hot until the OS shuts down the phone to allow some cooling to take place. I have also noticed some glare on the screen and darker video images.

Yesterday’s run I decided to position the camera titled up while still mounted on my rig on the dashboard. I noticed the images were brigher, clearer but faced the same problem of the camera heating up to the pont that it stopped recording. I researched that this was a result of prolonged video capture and sun exposure, but newer models should have thus corrected. The conclusion is that tilting the camera will give you a clearer image. Noted :-)

Here are my results as compared to other collection days:

Final Image Yesterdays Image Monday 25th September 2017

Final Image Monday 18th September 2017

The data I collected yesterday still raw and has to be refined before putting it into my code to see how good my program detects the lanes. If you want to know how to do this, see my previous post where I have explained how to go about this.

General Recomendations

  • Note the direction of the sun and face camera away from it
  • Prepare all tools before the drive to minimise distraction while driving
  • Have alot of memory and battery charge on phone

Be safe and remember to keep your eyes on the road, see you on 28th at the PyConKE - USIU