image Ever since I went deep into Linux in 2015, I have heard of emacs being mentioned as the holy grail of Linux text editing. I must admit but it looked messy and had to grasp.

Early this year I came accross Spacemacs and it looked interesting but just like emacs I gave it a glance and planned to give it more time.

A month ago I saw my pal Raymond navigate his Linux box effortlessly using a similar software appearance quicly editing and opening files in what seemed like a spectactular fun. All this without touching or even glancing at the keyboard. It was amazing. He later told me he was using Spacemacs. I was hooked :-)

I googled some more and once it became clear to me, there was no turning back. Spacemacs was derrived from GNU Emacs and since I was introduced to spacemacs before Emacs, I just learnt a few tricks and I got the hang of it.

Below are my most common commands that I use daily as I learn more. I think knowing all the tools require alot of time and practise.

  • m-m-f-e-R - Save the spacemacs config file
  • m-m-f-s - Save a file
  • m-b-d - Kill that buffer
  • m-f-f - Open a file

As I learn more on spacemacs I will share on what I think is cool and can improve productivity.

Also check out this Raymond’s repo that contains great spacemacs layers and configs.

Thats all for now :-)