The ExGNU Radio project is a skilling-up practical project to improve my soldering skills. Its a simple to complex kind of project which starts out simple and ends up being more complex as I dive deeper.

For sometime I have had these cheap Chinese-made FM & Tape deck receivers which also happens to have an Memory-Card reader section. The integration of these major sections is so poor that tt keeps breaking down. Sometimes I hit the top and it just works, what do these guys put in these devices.

These Multiband radio receiver FM/MW/SW 9 band portable radios are not really designed to last long. Many fail due to power surges or just low quality component used. Actually on Alibaba you can order such for as low as 4USD for a max of 2000 pieces.

So I have decided to redo the whole thing from scratch following the circuit board that the manufacterer used to make my own. I will recycle components to keep costs low and use other components from a simlar past project.

The first part will be do document the circuit board using a camera by taking really high def images of the circuit board then listing all the components down. This I did well. There are also surface mount components which are really not easy to work with due to ther size.


^ The SMD components side.


^ The ordinary discrete components. This board had a large number of capacitors.

Next Step

The next step is more of documentation of the components and classification. Also I plan to draw the circuit again and getting a chance to learn how to make one cheaply.

But at the moment I have started to see how I can reproduce the circuit on a notebook, dividing it into various sections for better understanding.