Today is Friday, the 31st of March, 2017. There are 275 days, 6,604 hours and more that 400,000 minutes left for the year to come to an end. We are 90 days into 2018 and its already feels long enough. When the year comes to a close many will say that year went fast, and almost cannot recall most days of the year due to us having countless activies in a year. I used to expreience that too.

In 2016 I came accross FatMumSlim’s website She did a similar thing called “Photo A Day” and I got interested and started taking a photo-a-day without any plan, just for fun. By the end of 2016 I had already stopped thrice and had really no consistency. So in 2017 I corrected the mistakes and now am 88 photographs down, missed 2 days so far. How cool :-)


#Logging Schedule

LifeLog is now 90 days into the year, and the following is my daily/weekly schedule on LifeLog:

  • Take more that one photo in a day of the most iconic events
  • In the evening sort the best that will be the Photo of the day.
  • Log the days events in Chinese on my LifeLog Logbook
  • During Logging leave a box (Credit Card Size) where I will stick the photo of the day
  • After 11 days print the images and stick them on the Logbook according to date taken.
  • Go through the previous day’s entry before making a new log


Over time I have found some software that makes this project easier to manage. Since am a Linux guy, Windows users may find alternatives:

  • Pyrenamer - pyRenamer is an application to change the names of several files at the same time. This fork currently includes renames based of file creation/modification dates, as well as improved removal of accent characters. I use Pyrenamer to rename images enmass according to date of modification. Eg. January-08-2017-10_56_17. The last “10_56_17” is time as 10:56:17. This makes it easier for me to know the date when the image was taken.
  • Thunar - A great file manager availabe on Linux on xFCE desktop environment. It works well for me.

April Onwards

These 90 days have taught me alot about being consistent. There are some days when I have not taken a shot but thats okay. After going through the 88 shots I realised the following:

  • Cherish every moment you are alive
  • Take more happy shots of people :-)
  • Have themes for every month/week
  • It does not have to be landcape, potrait will do.
  • Back-up your photos boy!

Audio Recordings?

I had the crazy idea of incorporating audio into the LifeLog project. I have been trying this out and it really amazing. Its however still in beta while I search for a good workflow which will help me sync audio and photos together. Now am using a good app called Voice Recorder by Skyroapp and I love it. What I like about this app is the clean, clutter-free, customizable experience with no ads. It also has a photo adding feature for each recording and not forgeting you can record in uncompressed wav format or in mp3, from 64kbps all the way to 320kbps. I highly recomend it to anyone looking for a good recording app.

Best Photos So Far

See you in June 31st 2017 when I will make another LifeLog Report