There is nothing good -and awesome- like a well written manual or post to a problem which is well explained and above all is available to read offline.

Am an offline advocate and as much as I write on this website, I like to read stuff offline. Go to the website, download the post, article etc and read it when am not busy. Normally, to do this I have to save the website, link or snapshot the site which is to the very least, tedious.

I want my readers to be able to download the article in a pdf format which they can opt to view it in the browser or download it to read later. The file should be small in size, hopefully even with images and it should render in less than 200kB. I also plan for it to be at best one page with margins very tight and text at size:10. I know thats abit too small but it shall still be readable.


Enter LaTeX. I have had some experience with LaTeX before back in 2018 and its a powerful documentation system. Its OpenSource and it can produce documents to rival any WYSIWYG editor in the market.

In the early stages of this project I will be producing the downloadable files during production of the article/manual. However in future this process will be automated such that when the reader clicks on the Download PDF script in executed internally and does all the work.

Thats the plan,

Thank you for reading

Remember this article is available as a Downloadable PDF | 53kB | Singlepage | Tight Margin | Font size 10