The Noteonomy Project is a longterm learning process about the intereting word of autonomous vehicle systems. In this project am using a real vehicle - Nissan Note E11 2008 as I start adding deices in it towards converting it into a connected car. The Nissan Note E11 2008 Model is a 5 door mini MPV hatchback manufactured by Nissan Japan. A connected car is a term use to describe a car that can interface with the internet for exchange of information. It becomes an IoT (Internt of Things) device. I plan to add devices such as a Raspberry Pi, CAN Bus reader, Car Wifi etc.

For a car that was made in 2008, it a big task since the Nissan did not envision such for the car. The place to start this project is power. Having a reliable power system is a good foundation for any device that shall be mounted. I plan to have a secondary power system which will not interfere/drain the car’s primary battery.

Nissan Note E11 Details

  • Make: Nissan Note
  • Model: DBA E11
  • Engine: HR Type
  • Engine Capacity: 1490 cc

Brief Project Update


Safety Notices

While working on such a project can be interesting and a good learning process I however want to stress upon the concept of safety. If you want to attempt what you’ve read here, remember to consult the Official Nissan Manual.

Electrical Safety

  • The starting current of the starter can reach upto 120A DC. This is very dangerous.
  • Do not shrt circuit the battery terminals.
  • Do not leave the car battery at a lower voltage for too long.
  • Have a secondary battery to power your peripherals. Leave the primary battery just for starting the engine.

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