image The sound of drifing wind and background noise of students discussing in low tones is the relative ambience that I observed for the short duration that I was in Nyeri Baptist School. I cannot forget to mention the fact that apart from the normal mobile network, the air seemed electrically clean. No numerous untamed, unmanaged wifi signals roaming in the air that we soak in daily in Nairobi. It was just the best condusive environment for knowledge.

Nyeri Baptist School is a mixed high school, located in Nyeri County. It sits along the Nyeri-Nyahururu road, a 15minute drive from Nyeri town. Our drive to Nyeri Baptist was by an invitation by the Christian Union to Pastor Marvo to attend their handover ceremony which took place on Sunday, following a night service on Saturday evening at the same venue - Chapel.


saturday-image We left Church (Ruaraka Baptist Church) at 1pm and headed for Nyeri. The most convinient route was highway A2 aka Thika Road. After a brief stop over at Juja Mall, to buy some snacks, we continued the jpurney for Nyeri. The higway is all smooth until some few kilometers past Thika town where surface turns from a smooth bintumen to rough bumpy track and narrows down to a single carriageway all the way to Nyeri. Occasinaly additional lanes appear especially on hilly sections of the highway. Road marking are consistent all the way. I noticed that from Nairobi to Nyeri we climbed in altitude.

Before arriving in Neri town we go accomodation at Green Edges Apartments, located 2kms outside Nyeri town. These apartments are fully furnished. We got a good apartment for all 6 of us constisting of 2 bedrooms, living room (with tv),hot shower and kitchen, all furnished. The houses are clean, cosy and have a wifi too which I had to sample.

It cost us each KES 1000 x 6 = 6000/- for the night.

After a brief rest we practised our vocals and left to the school which was a 15 minite drive from there.


In this section I will discuss some of my finding from key observations of Nyeri town as we drive about. WARNING: I might deviate and go deep into some stuff so if you are not interested, you can skip this section altogether to the church section.

Nyeri is located in the central highlands of Kenya and its the headquarters of Nyeri County.From Nairobi you will cover some 150km to reach Nyeri. The town is between the Abadare Ranges and Mount Kenya both of which have thick forests around them. Its cordinates are 0deg 25’S 36deg57’E and the time zone is still UTC+3. I noticed that the town is dvided by a large river valley of Chania River.


sunday-image On Sunday we had a wonderful Sunday service at the chapel which was attended by all the students. The hall was full of neatly dressed students. Today was the handing over ceremony for the old and new Christian Union (CU) leadership.

The handover went well and so was the preaching. After the service we hanged around as we talked with the students on carrer choices after high school. The had numerous questions about life in the university.

team-image The team whom I was with from L-R:Joyce,Jackline and Irene.

One student who caught my attention was the outgoing CU Chairman who also was the deputy headboy. He appeared very bright and knowledgeable and very interesting to talk about various topics in science and engineering.

The Chef

This topic seemed abit misplaced in this article but read on and you will find out why. In Nyeri we met an old pal of Marvin who invitated us for dinner. He lives some small distance from Nyeri town and together with his wife. They cooked the best meal I have ever tasted in Kenya. So much was I drowned in the flavours that I cant even recall the name of the food. Their house was very well decorated and it looked so original. The dining table was an authentic wood that was well cut.