I am one person who is careful when it comes to order and perfection and such has neccessiated me to create this manual to help me improve my projects writing and formarting

Images Format & Size Requirements

Image Tools

GIMP is a powerful raster image editing.

sudo pacman -S gimp imagemagick

Idenify image size

identify -format "%wx%h" image.jpg

Resize ignoring aspect ratio

convert image.png -resize 100x100! image_resized.png

Resize keeping aspect ratio

convert image.png -resize 100x100 image_resized_aspect.png

Resize an image

convert image.jpg -resize 600x400\> image_resized.jpg

Confirm that the image has been resized

identify -format "%wx%h" image_resized.jpg

Resize using mogrify(This will affect original file so make sure you have a backup)

mogrify -resize 100x100 original.png

Resize image to width 25, keeping aspect ratio

convert -geometry 25x src/image1.png out/image1.png

Resize image to height 25, keeping aspect ratio

convert -geometry x25 src/image1.png out/image1.png

Concatenate images horizontally

convert +append src/image1.png src/image2.png out/image12horiz.png

Concatenate images vertically

convert -append src/image1.png src/image2.png out/image12vert.png

In order to render the site well, all images should be less than 150kB in size and resolution of 1024X768

Checklist Before Publishing

This is my checklist before the post goes live

  • Grammar and Spellcheck.
  • Fullstops and commas.
  • Tags.
  • Code is highlighted well.
  • Ensure that all links are working.
  • Ensure that all sources are mentioned in the arknowledges section.
  • Ensure that the post is available as a PDF and links are okay.