11.1V 12.6V Lithium Battery Manager System 3S 10A

  • Main Chip 8254AA (VCJ90) W1751
  • Smaller Chips 44071 and CK7F37
  • Charging Voltage: 12.6V - 13V
  • Max opertating current:6-8A

Connection Details

The BMS board has 6 terminal Connections:

  • B+: Connect to Battery 3’s Positive terminal
  • B-: Connect to Battery 1’s Negative terminal
  • B1: Connect to Battery 1’s Positive and Battery 2’s Negative terminal
  • B2: Connect to Battery 2’s Positive and Battery 3’s Negative terminal
  • D+: Positive Charging/Discharging Connection
  • D-: Negative Charging/Discharging Connection