ranger Ranger, developed by Roman Zimbelman is an ncurses based powerful filemanager for UNIX-like systems. Its free relased under GNU GPL Licence. It can do what most GUI file managers can do with less effort. It was first released in 2010 the latest version is of 2017 February. And its written in Python.

The coolest part is that its 260KB only, how about that :-)

And yes I know that the photo above has no relation to Ranger, its the Nairobi National Park and I think it looks cool.


To install it on spacemacs just add it to your spacemacs.d file and you can start it from

  • ESC-m-a-r

To use it is very simple, if you have used the original one. It has the basic keys for navigation:

  • h - Left
  • j - Up
  • k - Down
  • l - Right

For usage docs I can refer you to Ranger Home

Enjoy :-)