image ▲ We use oscillators in most of our experiments, perfect tool for ciruit analysis.

EEE 309 Analogue Electronics 2 Labwork

This week’s labwork was about an introduction to Op-Amps. We worked with the UA741CN Chip Op-Amp. The experiment was good but I still think I need to get myself a chip and see how it really works.On a better note the Digital Electronics practical on “Digital Counter With 7 Segment Display” was a success. I now have to scale it bigger and add 2 more digits. More updates on that will be coming soon.

EEE 311 Control Systems 2 Assignment

The assignment that we were given on lead/lag compensation is still not complete. We have to use Matlab to simulate a car round a track. This assignment requires a good knowledge of Control Systems so it has forced me to study well as I do it. Given that the deadline is on Thursday 18th, we have very little time left to complete. To add more pressure we also have CAT1 on the very same day. I will post my assignment in next weeks post after submission.

image ▲ ..use Matlab to simulate a car round a track…something like this but a closed track.

External Attachment 1

As per the course requirement I have be attend a 12 week internship at a company where I am to get a practical feel of the theory that we have been learning in class. I have been here before during my Diploma course where I went to KenGen and Power Technics. But this time I want a different experience. Oflate I have been very interested in microprocessor chips and programming. Taught myself C and Python. I would like to have my attachment period somewhere next to school so that I can have more time to study in the library. But this is not the main reason. There is a small laptop repair shop at KM near my University. The guy running it is very skilled and I admire him alot. This is where I want to spend my 12 weeks. Learning how to put apart a laptop’s motherboard, remove, repair and replace chips on the go. I dont know how the dean will take my story but I plan to have a talk with him regarding the same. You can read about my first attatchment back in 2010 at KenGen Olkaria Geothermal - Naivasha. image ▲ Crystal Repairs, KM. The place where I plan, hope to spend 3 months learning how to repair laptops etc.

8-Bit Computer Project

I am building my own 8 bit computer using TTL Transistors. This is a long-term project that will take me upto 2019 hopefully. It will be a huge build upon on Digital Electronics 1 that we had last semester.

Hope this week will be better as we tackle Control Systems to the bone. [Circuit Open]